Pulp and paper

In the Vietnamese industry, the pulp and paper industry is one of the factors contributing to the economic development of our country. This is also an area that is focused on investment by the State, the pulp and paper industry is currently applying many advanced production technologies. At the Vietnam International Industrial Fair, a number of products and solutions will be displayed such as:

  • Paper production chemicals
  • Paper and pulp date machinery
  • Equipment and accessories
  • Raw materials for paper industry



Rubber and Tires

One area on display at the VIIS 2023 International Industrial Fair is the Rubber & Tires industry – Rubber & Tire. At VIIS promises to launch many new technology products in the field of rubber – tires, including outstanding products such as:

  • Machinery for processing rubber
  • Production and processing of raw rubber
  • Tires
  • Rubber ingredients and chemicals

When participating in an exhibition or tour registration at 𝐕𝐈𝐈𝐒 , businesses will have the opportunity to shorten the distance and gain access to potential suppliers and investors. Promote increased output for businesses.

Agriculture (Agrochemicals)

Vietnam International Industry Expo VIIS 2023 is a major exhibition event, focusing on the Agrochemical industry to help people have new technology and apply it in farming and animal husbandry. The event will display advanced products and solutions in the agrochemical industry such as:

  • Pesticides, harmful insects
  • Fungicides on plants.
  • Herbicides for weeds
  • Pesticides for reptiles, mice, rodents
  • Chemicals that regulate growth, promote or inhibit the growth of plants.

In addition, at 𝐕𝐈𝐈𝐒 2023 is also a place to create new products for the packaging industry based on advanced technology for production. In the exhibition, there are a number of products in the field of packaging, such as:

  • Raw materials – Chemicals: This is the raw material for the manufacture of coatings, printing inks and adhesives, oils and fatty acids, natural/synthetic resins and intermediates, colorants, fillers, dyes, solvents, and solvents. Lips, plasticizers, dryers, functional materials, coatings and functional inks, etc.
  • Machinery and equipment for production and packaging: Large-scale production machinery and equipment, high-speed blenders/mixers and dispersers, partitioning systems, filters, pumps, equipment measuring equipment, color dispersion machines, testing instruments, packaging equipment, labeling machines, etc.
Environmental industry

The environmental industry in Vietnam has great potential for growth, which is an important area for Vietnam’s economy to outperform in the future. Therefore, at Expo VIIIS 2023, we also offer advanced products, equipment and solutions to ensure safety in the industrial environment.

Most of the products and solutions come from leading Chinese enterprises to protect the environment and industrial production in the safest way, such as:

  • Provide technological solutions and production equipment / monitoring / emergency prevention and control of safety when using chemicals.
  • Display anti-corrosion materials/products/technology/equipment to support production.
  • Explosion-proof equipment display
  • Advanced chemical/technological equipment for wastewater treatment.
  • Solid waste treatment
  • Soil treatment
  • AI control and information system for environmental safety
  • Monitor noise and vibration
  • Introduce technologies/equipment to save energy and reduce waste into the environment.
  • Advanced environmental services.
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